Coming Soon: Three Technology layers for Education in Corpus Christi, Public TV TECHNOLOGY PROGRAM, XCITE CORPUS TECHNOLOGY online media, and Quarterly Corpus Christi Technology periodical. Contact us for more information. 687-4890

Texas Incubator Accelerator Technology is an institute dedicated to advancing technology business start-ups.

Not ready for a startup, join our DRONE GEEKINIZATION.
Network about software, hardware, programming, Avionics, Aerodynamics ...
It's open source tech and talk, guided by "Xperts". ;-)

Let us help you fulfill your Dreams. As a ENTREPRENEURIAL based institution, our top priority is you. At the Texas Incubator - Accelerator Technology, we strive to provide you with quality mentoring and a low cost impact on starting your business to help you achieve your professional goals. We focus on the highest level technology allowing you the opportunity to develop the NETWORK to achieve a superior quality advantage in building your TECHNOLOGICAL business model. The primary direction is centered around advanced electronic communications, aerospace, drone & robotics, renewable energy platforms, alternative energy transportation and basically anything related to Computer Science and Electronics interfaced in operational systems. We even offer a camp in system to minimize the time and cost waste as you focus on developing your business to elevate America's job market and increase our economic stability!